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NLP – Neuro Linguistics Programming is a world-renowned approach for enhancing personal effectiveness and business success. NLP has several powerful goal setting techniques. One such technique is Well-Formed Outcome (WFO). It can be used to set goals both at the conscious and subconscious levels. You can use this training to set a goal using the WFO process in NLP

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Created by Jayamini Samarathunge
Last updated Thu, 28-Apr-2022
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Course overview

This is a training on the famous goal setting process of NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) - The Well-formed Outcome (WFO). In this video training, you will learn a 9-step process to set goals. This is different to traditional goal setting processes; in this process you set the goal both at the conscious and the subconscious level. Therefore, this process is proven to have given great results to anyone using it. You will be guided on each step of the NLP WFO process, and you can expect to set a goal to a selected area of life during this 1-hour training. Beliefs we hold in life create the life we experience through our senses. Therefore, having empowered positive beliefs is essential in life. You will learn few such empowering beliefs you can adopt to have greater success in life. Trainer shares her own success story using this process and brings about many examples and metaphors to help you understand and use this process WFO. Intention of this training is to help you feel good, confident, and free by setting an important goal knowing that you are on the right path towards your dreams and aspirations.

What will i learn?

  • How to do effective goal setting.
  • How to set a goal using Well-Formed Outcomes process of NLP.
  • Understand important psychological concepts and principles associated to goal attainment.
  • How to program the mind to achieve goals effectively?
  • Lap top or a smart phone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Focused undisrupted time to engage fully
Curriculum for this course
1 Lessons 01:01:12 Hours
Achieving Goals Using NLP Techniques
1 Lessons 01:01:12 Hours
  • Achieving Life Goals Using the Well-formed Outcomes Process of NLP
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  • Gamaka Perera
    Clear explanation on Goals and Goal setting!