Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing for beginners

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Created by Naila Rizvan
Last updated Thu, 28-Apr-2022
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Course overview

This course gives a brief introduction to Affiliate Marketing for beginners. It also covers various terms one needs to be familiar with before starting an affiliate business. The video also has complete details about various types of Affiliate Commissions.

We will also cover various affiliate programs offered by ADM, Shopeso & Digitalatto

What will i learn?

  • Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to start an Affiliate Business
  • Various types of Affiliate Commission
  • Various Affiliate programs offered by ADM, Shopeso & Digitalatto
  • A smart Phone or Laptop
  • Good Internet Connection
Curriculum for this course
2 Lessons 01:12:36 Hours
Affiliate Marketing
2 Lessons 01:12:36 Hours
  • Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
  • ADM, Shopeso & Digitalatto Affiliate Program
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Naila Rizvan

Co-founder of Digitalatto / Online Business Trainer at Asheghar Digimentors

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  • Farooq Sarwar
  • Jayamini Samarathunge
    A well structured session. A slower pace and more time taken on technical process explanation would have been better.
  • girdhar singh
  • Matilda Maseno
    Great lesson.
  • Tamilmaran Palaniappan
  • Jayshree Pillay
  • Kallol Choudhury
  • Tasneem Sultana
    I was complete blank before the session. This video open doors of making money through several ways, amazing. Thanks Naila.
  • Kamala Palle
  • Raden Gunawan
    very clear explanation
  • Pacifique Mutijima
    very good content, i appreciate
  • Md. Abdul Bari
    Good training
  • Asiya Khanum
  • Vipin Kumar
    Very Nice Excellent.
  • Jon Doe
    Very Nice, Excellent
  • Vallerie Thomas
    A good lesson and well explained.
    This is a very good lesson and excellent learning experience for me to develop and expand my entrepreneurial skills in digital or any online business farther.
  • Godwin Ihagh
    thanks for the many important insights, especially on cookie duration
  • Umme Salma
  • Khaing Lay Tun
  • Shady Amin
  • Jabeez Anuroop Bokka
  • Fujiko Kobayashi
    Gave me a better understanding on what affiliate marketing is.
  • Tanya Ribeiro
    Very indebt explanation.
  • Zubair Aslam Lone
    Informative ,basic information & easy to understand.
  • Riffat Shaheen
    It was a good session
  • Akila Arumugam
    A very good concise session on Affiliate Marketing
  • Samantha Christian
    After completing this session, I am able to fully understand what Affiliate Marketing means and how it works.
  • Yagnika Shastri
  • Priyanka Kalerana
  • Mekhla Bhowmik
    Nice training and informative
  • Zainab Mohd
    Detailed training on how to get started with affiliate marketing. I really liked the marketing scheme that ADM offers on their website. Thank you Ms Naila.
  • Latifa Belaiti
    well understood ill asl question in clearity for Q and A sestion
  • Dalia Saad
    Great session
  • Meenal Vora
    Its really good.. new way of earning.
  • Samuel Quayson Boahen
  • Leslie Pichery
    Very informative
  • Nasir Mahmood Dar
  • Ashish Chanda
    Very Well explained. 5
  • Catherine Cacayuran
    Well explained
  • Johnstone Kuya
    Well taught
  • Florlynn Dela Peña
  • Stephen Samuel
    Nice. Professionally Presented
  • Afnan Awamleh
    Thank you
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