Creating Your First Online Content

This video is motivate you and get you started in creating your online content

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Created by Tanya Ribeiro
Last updated Sun, 18-Sep-2022
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Course overview

This training video is to get you motivated and overcome your fears and get you recording that first training video. It will also give you the dos and don’ts and the basic tools to use for your presentations and recordings.

Having been a trainer for 8 years, I know how nervous you can get when giving your first training, but when you get that first training up, you will only get better. After a break of 7 years from training, it wasn’t easy for me either.

Also, I have found a work around to using the Zoom app for recording your training. You can go to your personal meeting and start it; from there you can record your session and present your slides. Note that your presentation needs to be in presentation mode, so that your recording will record just you and your slides and no other window. Or you can toggle between windows. Take note that if you are using the basic plan you are allotted 40 minutes, there after it extends to another 5 mins or so.

Hope you like this video, please leave your comments and rate it. I would really like to hear from you. You can also send me an email:  [email protected]

The link to Jameel Rahim’s video to creating your profile on Digitalatto Academy and uploading you trainings is below:

As mentioned in this training, I used Canva to create a talking presentation, from there combined the videos. I also used Clideo to snip my preview of the course and then download.

If you know of other ways to create, record and present, please let me know as it would be good to know and impart information.

Thank you!

What will i learn?

  • Overcome your fears
  • Get Motivated
  • Create you first video
  • Good Internet
  • Laptop/ PC
  • Keen interest to record your 1st content
  • Positive mindset
Curriculum for this course
1 Lessons 00:19:09 Hours
Creating Your First Online Content
1 Lessons 00:19:09 Hours
  • Creating Your First Online Content
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