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This video is to give you an idea of what training videos you can create, about ADM services, to upload on Digitalatto Academy. This is in addition to your value added services that you can create training videos for and charge an amount using the academy; just as you have with other training platforms.

Just as mentioned in the video, you have various topics to make training videos on, examples below:

ADM Digital Services (This can be split in to the many services that ADM provides)

Ecommerce Set-Up (Everything under Ecommerce can be explained. Not many people know the ins and outs about Ecommerce and how it is run)

Affiliate Marketing (How affiliate marketing works, and everything else that comes with it)

Blockchain Services/ Certificates

Digitalatto – Academy / Opportunities/ DGTL Wallet/ Coin


Wish you luck in creating your videos.


For this video I recorded my introduction on my computer, the presentation was created on power point, I then recorded and presented using Zoom. The whole training I used Canva to combine. You can also use Clideo to combine videos.

What will i learn?

  • You will get ideas on what topics to create videos on
  • You will also learn about some of ADM's services


  • Good Internet
  • PC/Laptop
  • Keen Interest to Learn & Create

Tanya Ribeiro

Process Trainer, Personal Assistant and now an Online Trainer.

Tanya Ribeiro has over 20 years of work experience. However, not all of those were in the field of training. She has worked 8 years as a process trainer with Wipro. Thereafter, 7 years as a personal assistant for a legal firm in the UAE, until she lost her job in August of 2020. She took time off from working, and took to her passion for sketching, drawing and colouring and is looking to turn her passion into a small business someday soon. She is very keen on getting back to training and being an online trainer with ADM. ‘In these times you need to find what makes you happy.’




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