Course description

This session is about your role and responsibilities as a trainer with ADM.

It will also give you insight on how to conduct your trainings; do's and don'ts when training.

Also highlights your importance as a trainer with ADM.

For information on your payments, etc, it will all be explained to you at the time of onboarding and in your contract.

You can also contact the HR for more information.

What will i learn?

  • Learn how to conduct your trainings
  • Do's & Don'ts while training


  • Internet Connection
  • Keen interest in being a trainer
  • Laptop/PC

Tanya Ribeiro

Process Trainer, Personal Assistant and now an Online Trainer.

Tanya Ribeiro has over 20 years of work experience. However, not all of those were in the field of training. She has worked 8 years as a process trainer with Wipro. Thereafter, 7 years as a personal assistant for a legal firm in the UAE, until she lost her job in August of 2020. She took time off from working, and took to her passion for sketching, drawing and colouring and is looking to turn her passion into a small business someday soon. She is very keen on getting back to training and being an online trainer with ADM. ‘In these times you need to find what makes you happy.’




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